Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grandma Kell

Can I call a person "VINTAGE" ?
This is my grandma Thelma.
She is vintage, and I mean in every aspect of the word.
I love her lots, and I really respect her.
She is a young 92, her birthday is in March.
She has been having a lot fo trouble with her memory in the last few years, but as long as she know who she is, Im not worried. She's 92! How can she remember everything? :)
She lives with her youngest daughter, and she is well taken care of, thats for sure.
She is a quilting GENIUS. I have some of her stuff and there is no way I could compete with that! When we were younger she used to make all of her grandchildren something fantastic for Christmas. Most of my stuff is gone now, but the one thing I have is a red dress she made me when I was young. She saw it in a store window, but wouldnt pay the price they asked, so she sketched it and made it, and it was awesome...
my daughter even wore it. :)
Grandma has always been an important woman in my life...
And I love her dearly.

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  1. Awww wow, thats awesome about the red dress, how special! Thanks for sharing this.

    PS - Its funny how we both have our "farm" blogs now lol!