Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Grandma (part 2)

This is Carol Jean...another one of my fabulous grandmothers..

She is not your typical grandma either.
She has 3 children, who have given her 6 grand children and 18 great grandchildren...
She shops for each one of them for Christmas , and you can bet the day your birthday rolls around, there will be a card in the mailbox....because she sends those too!

One of my favorite things about my grandma is her calendar- she writes down EVERY little thing that happens to us-good things, bad things, medical things.
I can call and ask her about a date, and she can tell me what, if anything, happened on that day.
Its fun to look back at her calendar-especially since I have the child with the most hospital visits at my house- he for sure has a day for himself every month...:)

Its nice to have a grandmother who cares enough to make sure we are all honored on our birthday, because we know everything she does comes from the heart.

She shares my love of gardening with ornamentals, which she inherited from her mother...she has the most beautiful clematis I have ever seen.
And tons of hens and chicks.
I love those to, but I dont have one.
She wears her hair in curlers, and has been known to be on the news a time or two..wearing them. :) haha

But its ok, cause then I know its her.

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