Friday, February 12, 2010

The Parking Lot of Dismay

So Im giving this look because Im taking my own picture.
Sometimes I have this look on my face because I cannot BELIEVE other people can be so, well, stupid.
I guess Im not going to mince words here.
I loathe the parking lot where my kids go to school.
Its not a safe place for my car. And I drive an expedition.
Its not a small car.
I think parking places were put in for a reason, and I think when people are driving in a parking lot where kids are walking they should NOT be on their phone, they should NOT be driving fast, and they should NOT be parking forty feet from the next car, just so they dont get "stuck" trying to pull out.

I think there are people who do not care about anyone but themselves, and I think the school really doesnt know how bad it is out there. Probably because they expect adults to act like adults. and that is a really high expectation.
I realize the school cannot police every person, but would it kill us to have a traffic director or something?
Im afraid that someone is going to get hurt.
It really bothers me
Im sure you noticed.
And dont even get me started talking about the snow.

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